Maximo bistrot

A good Mexican friend of ours, a food fan, recommended bistrot Maximo to us. A favourite place of a foodie which is hard to book meant our expectations were high. After several attempts to reserve a table, we finally had success and went there on a Sunday afternoon.

The place is small, cozy and not at all as pretentious as I expected it to be. I would recommend sitting inside if you do not want to be interrupted by the considerable noise from the traffic,  many street ¨artists¨ and beggars.

Our high expectations were not just met, but were exceeded when we tasted the first dish. But even before that, we were impressed  when they brought us an appetiser – bread and smoked eggplant puree . The eggplant puree tasted exactly like turkish “patlican salatasi” that we`ve missed with my husband a lot,  and was absolutely amazing! We even asked for a second helping.


Then we ordered serves of scallop aguachile and a bone marrow dish as starters which were enough for both for the whole meal. The bone marrow dish was beautifully presented. It also reminded me of my childhood, when my father would take the bone marrow out of a stew and loosen the soft grey substance  which was delicious when eaten with a pinch of salt.



We were very content with the quail and steak  main dishes. But in particular I would recommend the quail. The portion was small, but as we were already satisfied it wasn’t an issue.



The desserts were also nice, subtle, not too sweet and artistically presented.



What I would like to point out is their service. There is never a lack of politeness in Mexico city`s restaurants, though some sort of confusion is very common. You ask for one thing and get something else instead,  for example you can ask for some bread and get it after desert or wait for a bill for ages. Maximo bistrot staff stand out with their attention to details and perfect management. The dishes come quickly and in a logical order.

Conclusion: It was worth the wait. Maximo bistrot is the best restaurant that i`ve been to  so far in Mexico city in terms of food and service.




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