5 reasons to attend a culinary school

I love to eat, to try new dishes, to cook and to watch people eating. Sometimes I remember a place or a conversation because of the distinctive food that I was having. I cherish my precious collection of these moments when I put a piece of food in my mouth and feel tears come to my eyes. In combination with my desire to start a food truck selling healthy salads, Russian crepes, acai bowls, gourmet bagels; bakery or whatever, (my ideas change almost every day),  it was completely logical for me to go to a cooking school.

However, as someone who has a thousand thoughts at any given moment, my mind kept returning to the following concerns:

1) I may not become a cook in the future, so why would I go to a cooking school?

2) I do not like to cook every day

3) It is hot in the kitchen and the pots are heavy.

Regardless of these recurring thoughts I never let go of the idea of learning to cook – although I had to go to the other end of the world to realise my dream. Finally, I enrolled in a one-year cooking course at Colegio Superior de Gastronomia in Mexico city. To be honest I did not expect such a high level of professionalism and satisfaction on my part. The school is very well equipped with every type of culinary utensil or machine you could imagine, such as a sous vide, bread fermentation ovens  etc.

So, if you have doubts about whether you should go to a cooking school, here are 5 reasons to change your mind.


1.Team work

We have all heard about the importance of team work in the business world. In the kitchen  team work is not only important, it is vital. You experience a completely new level of team work, each student working on their own task, but contributing to the team and the creation of a culinary masterpiece.

2.Community feeling

You share your passion with the people from your group. It is an amazing chance to meet some likeminded, curious folks who may become your friends later. You are united by a simple aim – to learn how to cook exquisite food. If you are thinking of starting a food related business there is no better place to meet future partners, colleagues or clients.


The duration of each class that I attend is 3-4 hours. To be honest the time flies. Cutting vegetables, kneading dough or decorating cakes becomes your new form of meditation. Running around with hot pans, keeping an eye on the food in order not to burn it, overcook/undercook does not leave you any time to think. Being extremely busy helps get rid of any thoughts which inevitably clears your mind.

4.Seeing direct results

You work with your hands and you see the result of your work directly. It boosts your confidence and self respect immediately. Next time you have doubtful thoughts about your abilities etc. you remember your perfect fettuccini a la Romana and those doubts quickly vanish. In my opinion this type of activity  is especially crucial for people in such professions as marketing, advertising, researches etc. who are not always able to see the immediate, tangible results of their labour.

5. Discover the world of  culinary art

Even if you are an expert at combining flavours and well informed about world cuisines, perhaps you would learn a trick or two that you haven’t seen in the cooking books before. Alternatively, as a newbie you will definitely learn a lot and be able to surprise your friends and family with nice sophisticated meals.

6. Thinking about getting involved in the restaurant business?

You will get a feeling for what is it like to work in the kitchen and whether or not it is something you enjoy. You will have an opportunity to find the answers to many of your questions in one place:

  1. Which equipment to buy
  2. The cost of products
  3. Where to find personell etc.

If you are not ready to commit to a full course, I suggest taking some master classes to get the lay of the land.


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