10 Beautiful Places for Breakfast in Condesa/Roma, Mexico City

Cafe Toscano


It is a beautiful cafe located in the same building with Michoacan market in Condesa. It has a few tables on the terrace and inside. If you don’t care about street vendors, choose a table on the terrace and soak up the sun.  My favourite dishes are Chilaquiles Verdes with chicken, Crepa Rustica and Croissant. Chilaquiles is a traditional Mexican dish which consists of “totopos” – crunchy tortilla chips with salsa verde (green sauce), salsa roja (red sauce) or mole (an aromatic spicy sauce with a lot of different ingredients; many types of mole include chocolate as well), eggs or pulled chicken can be added to it as well. They have nice omelettes and good coffee, which is a scarcity in Mexico City. It is usually full of people, but still we haven’t had problems with finding a place there, unlike Panaderia Rosetta.


Panaderia Rosetta


One of the best bakeries of Mexico City. They have two places, one on Colima 179 and another one on Calle Havre 73. Both places are small and there is always a queue, especially in the one on Colima. The coffee itself is worth the wait though. Also the pastry is exquisite. Rosetta on Colima is good to enjoy a quick coffee behind the bar and at the one on Harve you could have a longer breakfast.



Enjoy a long Sunday brunch in a charming place imagining that you are a guest at someone´s elegant house.


This small cafe is a favourite spot for the locals in Condesa. Their tartines are yummy, they roast their own coffee and on weekdays it turns to a coworking place. Everybody is sitting for hours with their laptops (I`ve done that as well, they don’t kick you out).

Le Pain

This famous chain has opened many cafes in Mexico City. I like the one on Amsterdam and even more the one on Alvaro Obregon. Many interesting options for breakfast, appetising baked goodies and tasty coffee.

Azul Condesa



This one is also for a long brunch. The place is gorgeous and they offer great traditional Mexican food. Order hot chocolate and they will make it in front of you in a traditional way with a Molinillo (hot chocolate frother).  We stumbled upon this place while walking down on Nuevo Leon. When we got in we were pleasantly surprised that it is a green patio with a lot of natural light.


First of all Alvaro Obregon is one of the best streets of Mexico City. There are tons of restaurants and bars on every corner. Delirio is a small gourmet place where you can enjoy sandwiches, salads, various arabic dishes and other delicacies.

Ojo de agua


Definitely one of my favourites, this place is a restaurant/natural greengrocery, which would make health-nuts go crazy. Here you can find every fruit imaginable, to buy home or to enjoy them as juices. Their produce is always fresh and they offer sandwiches, salads, hot dishes and also their juices are heavenly. This place is always full, especially on the weekends, so be ready to wait in line (which is totally worth it).


This is probably the most famous one. People love this place for it´s Mexican breakfast and baked goods. To be honest I was not that impressed by the breakfast itself, but I share the common belief that their bakery is amazing.

Monsieur Croque 

It is a pretty petit French style cafe owned by French people. Always full of foreigners, it is located in a nice place on Tamaulipas street and right next door there is a nice bakery with crunchy croissants and luscious pastry.



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