A true coffee snob or 6 best places for coffee in Mexico city.

If you`ve lived or spent some time in Italy you are spoiled with really good coffee on every corner. I am not sure if it is a good thing because you struggle in other countries where you can’t find that standard. It may sound snobby, but bad coffee for me is like tequila Olmeca for Mexicans or frozen pizza for Italians. The countries that I`ve been to so far that know how to make really tasty coffee are Italy, Portugal, Argentina and Greece. Greece is the best at making cold coffee, their Fredo and Fredo cappuccino are ideal for hot weather. Turkish coffee is also nice, but it is different and you drink it at different times – after dinner or with an afternoon dessert plate. To be fair I should mention some US cities as well like Seattle and Portland.

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find a decent cup of coffee in other countries. Most of the time it is not strong enough and it tastes like hot water with a dash of coffee flavoring. Sometimes it is too acidic or too bitter. Good coffee is balanced and it has a pleasant aftertaste. Also, it affects your mood differently – you become happier and more content. Bad coffee on the other hand makes you shaky and sometimes even irritable.

Why is it such a struggle to find good coffee in Mexico? To be honest I haven’t found a place with an Italian standard of coffee in Mexico city. Everybody says that in Panaderia Rosetta the coffee is great. I might not go that far, but it is decent and probably the best in Mexico city. Mexicans produce good coffee beans, but they don’t know how to prepare a good coffee. They are also used to “Cafè de olla” – ground coffee made with sugar and cinnamon in a clay pot. It is sweet and very weak so they may not like Italian coffee anyway.

Here  are my top places for coffee in Mexico city:

1.Panaderia Rosetta


Their coffee is nice and their pastry is even better.

2. Lardo

It is my favourite place regarding coffee. Also their small gourmet Mediterranean plates are very creative.

3. Cafe Toscano


This place is nicely situated and has a good breakfast as well.

4. Chiquitito cafe

I enjoyed a cappuccino at this lovely small coffee shop.

5. Ballarò

My cappuccino was weak, but balanced and their chocolatine was top notch.

6. Blend Station

I`ve discovered this one recently. Their advantages are – good crunchy croissants – also a rarity in  Mexico city – and it is a comfortable place to work – reliable wifi and enough space.



I wrote this post in the hope that someone might recommend some other good cafes or restaurants where I can enjoy my coffee. 🙂


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