Veracruz. Rafting.

Just 5 hours away from Mexico city by car and you find yourself in the jungle. Isn’t it impressive?


We went to the state of  Veracruz in Mexico on a long weekend and we couldn’t have expected any more. To be more precise, we went to Jalcomulco which is a small town which lives of rafting, excursions and tropical fruits. I am convinced now that Mexico is just not good at marketing and there are so many outstanding places to visit here that few people know about. Thanks to our friends who found the hotel and planned the activities, we spent 3 days in paradise. They`ve been to Costa Rica  and they say that the rafting and canyoning in Jalcomulco were as good as the options in Costa Rica and way cheaper.

The road to Jalcomulco from Mexico city is generally good except a windy part near Puebla and some potholes at the end. Our hotel in the middle of nature was unique and made our experience really memorable. The Rodaviento hotel has 2 parts. You can stay in tents or cabañas. We chose a tent and absolutely loved it. At night we felt as though we were sleeping outside. We even had one frog in the shower and one in the tent. Our bathroom was literally in the forest, so that we brushed our teeth we could appreciate the plants and birds. Can you get a more authentic experience of nature? The birds and insects were so loud that we could not sleep at times, but it was totally worth it.  I was worried that I was going to find a huge spider or a snake in the tent, but thankfully nothing like that happened. It was very clean and well sealed. We saw the Oropendola species of bird for the first time. They produce a strange variety of loud sounds, and they sound like aliens talking amongst themselves. They also build weird hanging nests with bananas leaves. A local guy told us that if we clap they will hang upside down on a brunch and after that we couldn’t stop clapping every time we pass the tree where they lived:) Bright baroque flowers,  beautiful birds and the murmur of the river nearby created a surreal dream like reality for an unforgettable weekend.




Regarding the activities, we booked them all with Rodaviento company  because they are one of the pioneers in the outdoor adventures in the area and seemed more experienced.






The water level wasn’t too high, so it was very comfortable and easy to raft. The high season is July, August and September when the river is high. We were lucky with our instructor Jose, he was very animated and made us stand on the sides of the boat when we were passing through some rough places which added some excitement to the adventure.


An amazing excursion which suits any age or fitness level.  We swam, jumped down a small waterfall, saw tons of tropical fruit trees – mamey, mango, bananas, chico zapote etc. and admired the beautiful views.

DSC_0097 (1)


DSC_0064 (1)


In Veracruz the seafood is a must. There are delicious fresh fish and shrimps in different sauces – of which my favourite is camarones en coco (coconut crumbed shrimps).  The area is  famous for amazing langoustines, however  I suggest you also try some of the seafood cocktails (a la campechana (a piquant shrimp cocktail) is really tasty) and the fried mojarra fish in ajillo ( fried pieces of crunchy garlic) or mojo de ajo (garlic paste).





Hotel and rafting – Hotel Aldea Rodavento

Restaurant – Los Cachanes 


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