Teotihuacan. An easy to reach, must see destination from Mexico city.

Mexico is famous for it`s more than 20 striking Pyramid sites. The closets to Mexico city is Teotihuacan, only 40 km away.


This impressive Mesoamerican city was established around 100 BC and continued to grow until declining in the 6th – 8th centuries. The history of the place still includes many  mysteries and more recent evidence suggests that the collapse happened due to climate change leading to droughts and internal uprising rather than external attacks.

What is impressive is that the city was highly populated for those times with more than 150,000 people living there – it was multicultural with many languages spoken. Teotihuacan  was a very powerful center and the largest of Mesoamerica 1000 years prior to the Aztecs.


Are you intrigued and willing to see the City if the Gods with your own eyes? Let me tell you how to get there if you don’t have a car. Get an Uber to Terminal de Autobuses del Norte. Buses leave every 20 minutes. When you enter the building walk all the way to the left and you will see a booth with a pyramid sign. Just tell them Teotihuacan and they will help you. Then proceed to Gate 8 where you can show your ticket to the station workers and they will point you to the right bus. The buses are comfortable and they take you straight to the Zona archeologica. Don`t be surprised if mariachi get on the bus and sing on the way. Also snack vendors will hop on the bus from time to time. They will also take a video of you as you get on for safety reasons.

Return  buses leave every 30 minutes from the entrance of the Archeological zone, outside the parking lot. Cross the street to wait for the right direction and wait until it arrives at Terminal Autobuses del Norte.

There will be many souvenirs shops at the entrance where you can buy water, snacks and some gifts. You will find a restroom there as well. At the site there are many vendors who approach you, it can be annoying sometimes, just say “No, gracias” and they will leave you alone. If you want to buy some Mexican silver though, you will find people selling it there.


Spring equinox is considered a sacred time to go to Teotiuhacan when you can charge yourself with good energy and everything that you wish for is guaranteed to come true.:) It is the 20th – 21st of March from 4am to 10am. Be aware that Mexicans prefer to visit pyramids on those days as well, so, it will be crazy crowded.

Plan to spend around 3 hours there with the best time being on weekdays  when it is a little bit less crowded. The entrance fee is around 70 mexican pesos. Put on some sunscreen, comfortable shoes, a hat and don’t forget to hydrate yourself – it gets pretty sunny and hot during the daytime. If you are up for some stairs the view form the top of Sun Pyramid is well worth the effort. Remember to take cash with you for snacks and gifts.

Also, if you are planning to eat there I heard a lot of positive comments about La Gruta restaurant, which is located in an underground cave. Sounds amazing, right?  I haven’t been to it yet, so, if you decide to go I would like to hear what you think about the place.




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