4 reasons to visit the city of ceramics and mole – Puebla, Mexico

I`ve realized that more and more people are visiting Mexico despite all the scary stories that they read or hear about in the news. I would be lying if I said that Mexico is safe, but if you take precautions and play by the rules you can have a very enjoyable experience here without any problems. Some places are safer than others, like the majority of Pueblos Magicos – the towns that offer tourists a great experience due to their cultural, historical or natural value. Also some states of Mexico are considerably safer than others and one of them is Puebla with its capital city of the same name. If you are planning to spend some time in Mexico city and fancy visiting some places nearby, Puebla is a nice option.



1.Easy to reach

Puebla is 150 km away, so it will take you 2-3 hours to get there depending on the traffic. You can go by car or take a bus from several bus terminals, one of them is located directly in the Mexico city airport – search for Estrella Roja company.

2. Nice bargains on ceramic pottery and art pieces

You can buy a lot of beautiful artisanal items in Puebla and it is especially famous for its ceramics. We bought a lovely painting from a street artist, which we enjoy having in our living room.

3. Eat like a god

Try some bread in Puebla, there is a huge variety and the thing is that the bakers don’t even pass on their recipes to their relatives which is why many of them are disappearing. Mole is the pride of Puebla`​s cuisine and although it is a common dish throughout Mexico, it makes sense to try it there. Mole is a complex sauce made of herbs, seeds, chicken stock, spices and chocolate. Chile en nogada (stuffed chile with walnut sauce and pomegranate) is also an iconic dish not to miss. There are many other delicious specialties in Puebla and Puebla`s famous sweets are among them. I recommend the Casa Reina restaurant for lunch or dinner with its beautiful and colorful ambience and fresh Mexican cuisine.






4. Enjoy the culture

When I learnt that Puebla is a big city of 5 million I was surprised, because it possesses  the special charm of a colonial city. Its beautiful architecture with colorful buildings is pleasing to the eye and there are many pretty streets and shops to wander around. The main square is a focal point with many restaurants, cafes and a nice garden where you can relax.






5. Visit Cholula

It is a precolombian arqueological site known for the Great Pyramid and numerous churches. You can go under the hill to visit the pyramid then climb up to visit the church – it is  literally built on top of the pyramid which makes this place quite distinctive. There are many religious holidays celebrated in Cholula every year and because of that it is famous for fireworks. Visit Museo de la Barrica for cider tasting or Museo de Talavera Alarca to get your culture on. If you prefer modern to ancient, go to the Container city – a contemporary design space also focused on sustainable urban development.




Spend one day in Puebla and plunge into the atmosphere of a real hospitable Mexican town.


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