Feel as if you were a hero in the Jungle Book in Tepoztlan, Mexico.

IMG_1743I love Mexico for its unbelievable diversity and endless travel options. You can visit Pyramids, colonial towns and places of stunning wild nature from one day to the next. Although I always complain of how hard it is to make these get aways because of insane traffic and far from perfect road conditions, but these complaints stem from me thinking about going by car, when actually  the bus system here is really convenient.


Tepoztlan is one of the places where you can immerse yourself in wild jungle – like nature. Easy to reach by bus from Estacion de autobuses del Norte in 2.5-3 hours, Tepoztlan is well worth the ride. When you arrive at the bus terminal in Tepoztlan take a cab or walk to the entrance of the Pyramid site, Tepozteco. Then you`ll climb the steep trail to reach the Pyramids of Tepozteco. One of the girls in our group was visiting from London and it was obvious that she was affected by the altitude the most. The difficulty in climbing the trail is not the physical stress of jumping from rock to rock, it is the altitude. If you are moderately fit you won`t have a problem with it, the real obstacle is the lack of oxygen that makes you stop frequently and get your breath. Although, it is still nothing compared with my visit to the Nevada de Toluca.




The Pyramid site is not as impressive as the climb to be honest. But, the ascent is breathtaking, you feel as if you are a hero in the Jungle Book. If you love hiking and nature it is a must.

The tiny village at the bottom of the mountains has an impressive backdrop and its colorful houses and quaint streets are a pleasant place to spend your afternoon.



If your stomach is not too sensitive and your time is not limited, the best experience would be to eat at the market and try as many unknown Mexican dishes as you can. If you prefer to be on the safe side I can recommend the El ciruelo (plum tree) restaurant, not so much for its food, but for its amazing view of the garden and the mountains. It was one of the most beautiful restaurant that I`ve ever been to.








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